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  • Joel Sartorelli (Blog Editor)

About Bellina Accessories

Bellina is a diminutive in Italian that means very pretty. In my case, my dad helped me to understand that since he is Italian. I wanted Bellina to make people that wear my jewelry feel like they are very pretty.

Bellina is a brand that started in Venezuela and arrived in Canada a few years ago and still continues. All the pieces are created and designed by me. My name is Nelslibmar, but they call me Nels. I am a 32-year-old Venezuelan petrochemical engineer, but Bellina allowed me to do what I like to do the most.

Many of my pieces are inspired by the blue of the Caribbean Sea where I come from, but I let a touch of color and music flood my table when creating. It inspires me a lot that my pieces are part of the history of whoever wears them at that time.

That's why Bellina's catchphrase is “bellina sei tu.” For me it was an honor that Maker’s Market gave me my first physical place to sell my jewelry, because I feel that they are aligned with my values, and I like being part of a group of many similar artisans here in Toronto, who dedicate ourselves to creation with our hands.

In case you like a piece, but it is not in your size, do not be afraid to let me know and I will gladly redesign it in a suitable size for you.

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