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Recipe For Kheer (Indian Rice Pudding)

By Lata Swarn

  • One small cup of rice

  • Two glasses of milk

  • One cup of sugar

  • Dried fruit of your choice

  • Cardamom powder - half spoon

Wash the rice. Put milk in a pan, boil it and put rice in. Let it boil for almost ten minutes. When rice becomes soft, add sugar, cardamom powder, dried fruit of your choice, almonds and pistachios. Mix well and turn off the gas. You can eat it hot or you can keep it in the freezer after it is cool and serve cold. Enjoy, you will love it.

Dr. Lata Swarn, B.A., B.Ed., MA., Ph.D.

She is a self taught local artist. At the age of 74+, she runs her music school,"Sitar Darpan School of Music", in Toronto. She is the author of "The Journey of the Sitar in Indian Classical Music", available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Chapters and Indigo.

Lata makes beautiful creations with her imagination, and learned knitting and cooking from her mom. She learned how to make jewelry in Canada as a new immigrant. Painting and music have been her favourites since childhood.

Dr. Lata believes in hard work and has a passion to help people who are poor. She donates 10% of her income to charities. She has a small corner with Makers Market where she displays of some of her creations.

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