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  • Joel Sartorelli (Blog Editor)

The Story Of The Christmas Spider

By Black Rose Designs

A poor but hardworking widow once lived in a small hut with her children. One summer day, a pine cone fell on the earthen floor of the hut and took root. The widow’s children cared for the tree, excited at the prospect of having a Christmas tree by winter. The tree grew, but when Christmas Eve arrived, they could not afford to decorate it.

The children sadly went to bed and fell asleep. Early the next morning, they woke up and saw the tree covered with cobwebs. When they opened the windows, the first rays of sunlight touched the webs and turned them into gold and silver. The widow and her children were overjoyed. From then on, they never lived in poverty again.

Black Rose Designs creates one of a kind wire art, including Christmas Spiders and Tree of Life sculptures. Using a wide selection of natural gemstones combined with various styles and gauges of wire, each piece is uniquely hand crafted by twisting and manipulating wire to reveal a beautiful piece of art.

Pick up your very own Christmas Spider (and one for a friend) in store, on Instagram @blackrosecanada and on Etsy at You can also email directly for custom orders at Commissions are open until November 30.

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