• Mike Mercuri

The Bowie Leather Goods Story

I am a Multi-Media Specialist by trade, and I create my own designs, video, animations and photography. I wanted to start creating in a different way, using my hands in order to create a more tangible item. This is why and how Bowie Leather Goods was created. BLG allows me to create a product from start to finish only using my hands - no sewing machines or technology needed.

For me, this journey has always been about learning new skills. I honed this skill through practice, not formal education. I learned by doing, trying, and more often than not, through failure.

I have been experimenting and creating with different leathers, threads and patterns with BLGs for three years.

With each hand-stitch that I make, I ensure that all products from Bowie Leather Goods are durable and built to last. Each item tells its own unique story, as natural leather items change colour and patina overtime. Come join this awesome journey.

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