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  • Joel Sartorelli (Blog Editor)

The Beginning Of Winncreate

By Winnie

I’ve always joked about getting a smiley face tattooed onto my left butt cheek. It’d serve as a pretty good reminder that life is not supposed to be taken so seriously and to be more playful. As someone who previously lost herself in the corporate grind, it was important for me to find an outlet to allow myself to just have fun.

Instead of inking my skin, I started Winncreate this past summer. I had just started pottery classes at a local studio and really enjoyed working with my hands. Because setting up my own kiln in my shoebox apartment was probably not a good idea, I looked to other types of clays that were more home-friendly. That was when I started dabbling in polymer clay and making cheeky trinkets every evening after my 9-5.

Every night I find myself cackle-laughing to myself as I sculpt these delightful thingies (have you seen my Pingu “Noot-Noot” charms??). Playing with clay has helped me rediscover my joy for art.

Thank you Maker’s Market for giving me the opportunity to share my creations in your space.

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