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  • Joel Sartorelli (Blog Editor)

So Who Doesn't Like Birds, Eh?

By Patricia Lazar

Patricia Lazar is a bird lover who has used her artistic skills to celebrate birds in various ways. She makes funky little birds out of both air-dry clay and fire ceramics. She decorates wooden bird houses with paint, miniature goodies like fences, windows, stone walkways, tiny birdies, mini flowers and trees, artificial grass, and other adorable accents, which have been treated to be put on indoor or outdoor patios.

The many-faceted ways she combines birds and art are astounding: paintings, key holders, planters, etc… All are delightful! And the prices for all this intricate work are all pretty mini too! Come in to Maker’s Market and treat yourself to Patricia’s unique creations. Like Patricia, you’ll love her birds!

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