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OMG Bath Treats

By Randi Singh

I’m Randi, the creator of OMG Bath Treats, where soapy things and bath bombs are born. Boring soap and main stream bath bombs is what drove us to create better products. We use them everyday! Why not make it fun?

Have you read the ingredients on big box store products? Ours are made with organic/high quality, pronounceable ingredients most of which you know.

Each product is hand crafted and made in small batches which allows for attention to detail and ensures freshness. We use luxurious ingredients to make our amazing products.

How? By using fewer, more expensive, better, local ingredients from our suppliers who provide us with the finest, purest and most natural products on the market.

In the studio we are usually listening to:

  • I Feel Good by James Brown

  • Can’t Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake

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