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My Story

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

By Kerelle Lovelace

My name is Kerelle Lovelace and I am the owner of Lovelace Kandles. I am British born, of Jamaican heritage and I am enjoying Canadian life. (Yes, I do have a British accent!) Outside of my full time job and making beautiful scented candles, I enjoy reading, new adventures and travelling. I love spending time with my family as they are extremely important to me.

Lovelace Kandles was created in an effort to manage stresses during COVID-19. I have always loved candles, the different styles, scents and designs and decided to start my own candle business. The process is extremely therapeutic for me and I love the great feedback I receive from the amazing customers when they burn their Lovelace Kandle!

I came across Makers Market on Instagram and was drawn to the variety of products and small business owners Kendra supports, as well as being very active on social media and in the community. My first meeting with Kendra was extremely pleasant and her energy was fantastic. It was evident that Kendra is a big supporter and believer in local artists and I was drawn to that. Kendra you are great!!!

I love that I get to be a part of such a great community of local artists from all walks of life sharing their craft at Makers Market. In addition Kendra is very supportive in wanting to see your business grow and is always willing to provide insights. I have not participated yet but 'Meet the Maker' is a fantastic event for customers to meet the faces behind the brand, which I hope to do soon :)

How to get the most out of your Lovelace Kandle!

  • Ensure to burn your candle for a minimum of 2 hours to achieve a full melt pool on first use

  • If wick is longer than 1/4 inch or begins to mushroom, trim it

  • Do not burn your candle for longer than 4 hour intervals at a time

  • When the wax level is 1/4 inch left, discontinue use and come back to Makers Market and try another scent :)

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