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My Love For Swimwear

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

By Nadia

Growing up in Vancouver, British Columbia, close by the ocean is where my love for swimwear began at Kitsilano beach. As a kid, I remember being so excited when we drove past the “Welcome Kitsilano” sign, as we drove through the park past the basketball court approaching the beach. Now my passion for swimwear has become the love of design. After high school, I went to college for fashion design in Vancouver and fashion business in Toronto. I graduated with a diploma in business and design.

Art and design have always been my favorite hobby. In high school, I got the opportunity to use different medians and textures in art like clay, sand, pastels, and paint. When I would sew in home economics, I choose fabrics that also had a unique feel like the art medians I used. Art and design go hand in hand for me. I design swimwear inspired by different types of rare fabrics, textures, prints, and hand-dying techniques. Each piece is unique in design and exclusive to each customer.

I knew I wanted to start a swimwear brand after a family trip to O’ahu, Hawaii. Walking around Waikiki, I was amazed by all the swimsuits shops! I wanted to go to every store and see all the unique designs and prints Hawaii had to offer. When I came back to Toronto, Top Knot Swim was born. I wanted my brand to represent everything I love about swimwear. My brand name got inspired by the pineapple hairstyle I love to wear to the beach, also known as a topknot to most. The inspiration for my aesthetic and style also came from Hawaii. A lot of the swimsuits were minimal yet comfortable for surfing and paddleboarding. The designs were always bright, colorful, floral, and reversible. Most Top Knot Swim designs are reversible, cut from unique swimwear fabric, and ties up in multiple ways to achieve the desired look and fit. All swimsuits come with a free topknot hair scrunchie to keep hair nice and dry and out of the way.

“Why handmade swimwear?” I wanted to create swimsuits made to last. Slow fashion has recently been on the rise for small brands and companies to produce more ethical and sustainable products that had less impact on landfills, the environment, and wildlife. That is why I choose the handmade route. It is an honor to be in charge of all my designs, prints, fabrics, manufacturing, and distribution. Our products take time, but each design is creatively thought out and sewn together to achieve the desired look.

I love swimwear! And being able to design and sew swimsuits brings me joy and fulfillment. Top Knot Swim offers 20 different styles to appeal to multiple different body types. I am thankful to have the opportunity to create, empower women, and promote body positivity. It gives me the motivation to keep designing and inspiring others.

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