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  • Joel Sartorelli (Blog Editor)

Manguaré: Who We Are And What We Do

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

By Sara Escobar

Hi my name is Sara Escobar. I am originally from Colombia and I arrived here in Toronto one year ago. I learned how to make accessories when the pandemic started and it was magic! With this art, I learned more about myself and how powerful I am.

This is how that message of love and learning came to me: through the desire to weave. It allows me to create and design the accessories in a wonderful way. I want to tell you that the Manguaré is a percussion instrument used by Amazonian indigenous communities to announce ceremonies, declarations of war and messages of love.

Manguaré accessories are made in a perfect weaving technique that allows you to make regular or irregular triangular shapes that can be personalized in different colors and designs. Thanks for your time and I hope you have the opportunity to have your own Manguaré!

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