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  • Joel Sartorelli (Blog Editor)

Jen's Gifts

Please have a look at my Jen's Gifts. I hope you find something you like that supports my cause. Canadian Athletes have to self-fund their competition.

I received my life saving kidney transplant over 10 years ago from a donor. Transplant Games is a great way to raise awareness of the need to sign donor cards, share my joy of life, and show gratitude.

The angel, santa, and elf decorations are pretty. Young people love my masks and pouches of: Superman, Batman, Ms. Marvel, Betty Boop, WonderWoman, plus animals masks - cats, dogs and zoo animals and more. Christmas masks - Angels, Santa, Grinch and Reindeers are festive.

Sporty? See Canada sport teams masks - Toronto Raptors, Toronto Blue Jays and Toronto Maple Leafs. I also have silver plated jewellery with crystals or gemstones.

Please contact me through my Jen's Gift shop for any questions. I also do made-to-order.

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