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Introducing Maxx Accessories

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

By Maxine

Original design is what it’s all about… Maxine Thomas has always enjoyed creating jewelry designs. From one province to another, Canada has seen the beauty of Maxx Accessories designs that will shape your fashion-conscious mind. Maxx Accessories presents quality stones at quality prices. Make your choice today and invest in an original design by Maxine Thomas.


Maxine has searched the market for miscellaneous precious stones to create a fashion style for you. Many things can be inspiring to designing a piece of jewelry – it’s all in the imagination. It all begins with spirit, nature, scenery, and the knowledge of fashion design.


Maxine brings unique designs through healing crystals and gemstones. Maxine looks for stones that will stimulate with healing effects that have therapeutic properties. Each stone has its own characteristics that give certain energies to the body and mind, all with a unique design. Maxx Accessories has been in local stores throughout Ontario and Canada.

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