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  • Emma Moore

Interview With Liliana DeIrisarri

Emma: How did you get into the world of creating and making?

Liliana: I am a Toronto based artist and former flamenco dancer. I employ a variety of techniques in my work, including traditional oil painting, printmaking, drawing and sculpting paper mache masks. I was born in Columbia and when I was in my early twenties I moved to France, where I studied French literature and art history. This allowed me to discover my artistic dreams. Later I moved to Toronto, where I studied fine art at Toronto School of Art and Central Technical School. I later became a Visual Art teacher and Dance Instructor, working for 14 years at Harbourfront Center and for 6 years at Central Montessori Schools.

Emma: Who or what are your biggest influences and inspirations?

Liliana: My Dad was a great inspiration for me, and he gave me the opportunities to love music, art and dance. We did not have a TV at home, and that allowed my family to be creative.

Emma: Describe your creative process. What gets you motivated to create?

Liliana: I meditate and dream a lot. My mind wanders a bit, so I focus by reading. The Bible is the book that organizes my day. Walking and observing is my favourite pastime.

Emma: What are your goals and aspirations with your work?

Liliana: I have a few goals.

1. Share my work with the community.

2. Create interest in my work.

3. Demonstrate different techniques.

Emma :What makes you feel supported as a maker?

Liliana: I am very happy to have my work at Maker’s Market. I like that the Junction is the most artistic place in Toronto. I appreciate the devotion of Kendra and the staff to help the world know about us and our work.

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