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  • Joel Sartorelli (Blog Editor)

Hello To My Maker's Market Family

My name is Tiphenii and I am so pleased to be here with you! I was born and raised in Scarborough. My family is from a tiny heaven-on-earth island in the Caribbean called Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. A long name for an island only 18km wide, but as they say “good things come in small packages.”  I am a multi-generational indigenous Kalinago, locally referred to as “Carib” and my great grandfather was a Carib King, known to friends as King Benny.

I started my business, Black Horned Unicorn in early of 2019 when I commissioned my first beaded bracelet. I began building a personal stash of bracelets about five years ago after being invited to a massive bead store. I felt excited to mix and match the colours, while staying mindful of the metaphysical and healing properties of the crystals, for example: prosperity, health, love. I find creating bracelets therapeutic, from stringing each bead, to creating combinations that you don’t normally see. I pride myself in using the highest quality beads that you’ll have for years. Pictures don’t do them justice, so please take a look at my cubby (by the register last spot on the right) inside of Makers Market.

While you’re there, you’ll notice my Crystal Infused Body Butters with Sunscreen in three delicious scents, Amethyst Frosting, Lemon Citrine Dream, and Crystal Clear; all made with their own unique blend of essential oils. Amethyst Frosting smells like a cotton candy cloud. Lemon Citrine Dream smells like the best lemon cake you’ve ever had, and Crystal Clear is unscented, but holds notes of chocolate and nut. I make these Body Butters with six oils that have anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing benefits that contain no chemicals. These creams not only provide sun protection, they also provide protection from blue light from all your screens. Try your own Crystal Infused Body Butter today!

Look for more Black Horned Unicorn products at and remember to follow me on Instagram at@BlackHornedUnicorn.

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