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  • Joel Sartorelli (Blog Editor)

Hello from Butter & Jo

Hello from Butter & Jo Handmade! We are so happy you have found us here at Maker’s Market!

Who are we? Butter is a 3 year old Chorkie who was adopted by Jo. Butter & Jo are from glorious Toronto, ON, Canada! Butter & Jo was started as a way to ignite Jo's creative spark - and her unconditional love for all dogs - and we mean ALL dogs! It is also very special to have access to a model 24/7 - especially when we work into the wee hours of the night! (Yeah, we night owls over here!)

Butter & Jo Handmade is a simple concept. We are handmaking every item - with love in every stitch. We want you to walk down the street with your fashionable pup - and take some cute photos doing so! We love seeing the excitement that a handmade bandana or bow tie can elevate a pup’s confidence and tailor to their unique personality or favourite things!

Happy Tail Wags!

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