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Expressing Creativity Through Digital Art: My Journey

By Chahat Soneja

As a self-motivated creative, I find inspiration in the world around me and have a deep-rooted passion for artistic expression. My journey began at a very early age which lead me pursue art as a career. With formal education, my creative path truly took shape. With a strong creative instinct that's as irresistible as a freshly baked "rainbow cupcake," I am now embarking on an exciting venture into the world of digital art.

My creative impulse has always driven me to explore various outlets of expression, making art an integral part of my life. I'm particularly drawn to working with portraits, using my original ideas and theories across a range of mediums to bring them to life. This body of work represents not only my vision but also my desire to continuously evolve as an aspiring creative.

My process:

My process is a thrilling and spontaneous journey into the world of digital manipulation. Armed

with a collection of free stock images and Adobe Photoshop, I embark on a mission to transform

these images into captivating artworks. I employ various tools and techniques, often discovered

by accident, to layer, blend, and manipulate the images until they align with my artistic vision.

Sometimes, I incorporate text or graphics to enhance the overall design. What's truly liberating

is that there are no strict rules to follow, allowing me to experiment freely and let my creativity

flow organically.

What inspires me:

I draw inspiration from the world around me, rooted in my artistic journey. This creative instinct is an irresistible force that fuels my passion for portraying human essence through portraiture.

With no strict rules, I freely experiment, embracing spontaneity as I let my creativity flow. Each

creation is a step in my ever-evolving artistic journey, translating life's beauty and complexity

into visual narratives.

What I Offer:

My art finds its way into the hearts of admirers through prints and an array of merchandise,

including stickers and tote bags.

Prints: $25 CAD + delivery each

Stickers: $3 CAD + delivery each

Tote bags: $25 CAD + delivery each

Recognition and Exposure:

My journey as an artist has been marked by an array of exciting milestones, including

publications, exhibitions, and awards. My work has graced the pages of prestigious publications

like Yarn Bomb Zine, Chaotic Merge Magazine, Polemical Zine, and more. These platforms

have provided a canvas for my creativity to shine.

I've had the honor of showcasing my art at various exhibitions and shows, including the

Pancakes and Booze Art Show at Revival Bar, College Street, Toronto, and Trapxart Toronto at

Leng Keng, North York. The Roots Show, organized by Arts Etobicoke, allowed my work to

captivate audiences at Cloverdale Common Space, Cloverdale Mall, Etobicoke. Additionally, my

art found a global audience in the ETHEREAL exhibition by Capital Culture House Gallery in


My dedication and artistic prowess have been recognized with accolades such as securing the

2nd position in the digital art category at the Humber Student Art Show 2023 and receiving the

D & AD New Blood Portfolio Award in the Graphic Design category.

Why I Love Being Part of Maker's Market:

Being a part of Maker's Market is an exhilarating experience that allows me to connect with a

diverse community of artists and art enthusiasts. It's a platform where creativity knows no

bounds, and I relish the opportunity to share my passion with like-minded individuals. The

Maker's Market is a place where my art finds its true audience, where it resonates with those

who appreciate the beauty of the unconventional, and where my creative journey continues to


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