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Crafting As A Hobby

Updated: Jun 12

By Radha Persad

I would like to introduce myself as a new member of Markers Market. I am a retired florist/office worker and decided that a hobby can be a productive pastime, which I thought is a way of meeting other crafters and sharing my craft at the Makers Market. My other interests include baking and travel. Also, I spend quiet moments reading and going to live shows be it a concert, a musical or listening to the Toronto Symphony playing pop rock music at Roy Thomson Hall.

I was born on the island of Trinidad in the Southern Caribbean, and at the age of 11 I had my first embroidery and Cross Stitch classes at public school, as well as crochet and Home Economics excelling at baking cupcakes. During my teenage years I went to an all-girls high school founded by Canadian missionaries of the Presbyterian Church about 200 years ago and the relationship with Canada still continues presently. At this school I continued my Needle Art and Home Economics classes in Grade 10.

I came to Canada 48 years ago to further my education, which I did to college level in Office Procedures and Computer Programming. I had opportunities to learn more crafting skills including Floral Design and Retail Management which I have enjoyed immensely and worked in this field for 10 years.

In my retirement as I have more time on hand I have been taking classes in Bunka (which is Japanese embroidery) and very much enjoyed working on the pictures that I have chosen. Also, it is encouraging when the other members of the class are fun to be around and our teacher is very “cool”, a very helpful lady at all times when questions are asked or help is required. I have one of my pictures – a Grapevine – on display at Makers Market along with a few floral arrangements and handcrafted items.

Hopefully, when life gets back to “normal”, I will be able to have a demonstration of my needle art in Japanese embroidery at Makers Market and meet some of our customers or crafters as well. There are other crafting classes I would like to get involved with, but being a hands on person I have to wait until normalcy returns before attempting any classes.

Until then, be safe and take care and thanks for reading.

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